A Pirate’s Quilt for Me – Part 2

Welcome back to my adventures in quilting. As you may recall in a previous installment I decided I was bored by all the other crafts I have in flight (please read – I hate finishing projects) and decided that I was going to learn to quilt. My cousin, CraftingChrissy, and I had taken a trip … Continue reading

A Pirate’s Quilt for Me

It’s been a long few months. Earlier this year I injured my wrist which has been an adventure all on its own. This has been fine for the most part but it isn’t until after you do something so silly that you begin to realize just how often you use your hands. Since I am … Continue reading

Talk Like a Pirate Day

As everyone should already know, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day (TLAP). Since this year that puts it square on a Monday, and no pseudo-adult with a full time job would drink rum on a Monday, we decided to celebrate a little early. With a few of our friends and costumes for … Continue reading