Talk Like a Pirate Day

As everyone should already know, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day (TLAP). Since this year that puts it square on a Monday, and no pseudo-adult with a full time job would drink rum on a Monday, we decided to celebrate a little early. With a few of our friends and costumes for people and animals we armed ourselves with some rum, some pirate themed snacks and some swords…We didn’t eat the swords. This weekend in September was apparently in high demand so we didn’t have a very large turnout but that maybe made it even more fun. Guinness, Buster and Newcastle got into the spirit of the day by wearing piratey costumes and imbibing themselves on any scraps they could get ahold of. Adam, who is still planning on stealing my dogs, or at least their ears, spent a good part of the night making faces at any furry creature that walked past him. In this picture on the right you can see him giving the “Arrrr” to Captain Newcastle as he passes by.

What we learned yesterday is that being a pirate is exhausting. A few hours into the party Guiness was curled up on the couch just watching the world pass by and not too long after Evan joined him for a quick recouping moment. No one ever said pillaging and Arrr-ing was easy. And if we can’t support our mateys in their time of need who will support us in our time of need. The good news is that this morning everyone was alive and energetic as any other day. It may be that we just weren’t cut out to live the life of pirates. That doesn’t mean that one day every year we can’t dream of the more glorified parts of one of the most notorious lifestyles in history.

Yo ho ho and another bottle of rum!

To view the full gallery of images from last night check it out on my Picasa page here.


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