Scrabble me this

It may only be the beginning of October but if you plan on crafting your gifts this year the holiday season is probably in full swing. I feel that more and more the holidays are becoming commercialized and gifting is more about buying the shiniest thing that advertisers tell you people want instead of doing … Continue reading

Making My Case

I have been doing crochet for about two years now. In that time I have invested in all sorts of crochet needles for different projects. Small ones, big ones, metal ones, wooden ones…and then those pesky duplicates because I can’t remember where I stashed the one I need last time I needed it. On my … Continue reading

Time to let my Inspiration Take Off

Sitting in my craft room the other night surrounded by a sea of papers and boxes I started wondering if there was a better way. How could I possibly set this room up more efficiently to help keep this mess under control?┬áThe way I set up my area was to have my desks (the one … Continue reading

Wrapped in Love

Posts two days in a row?! The world must be ending! Or…I have been stuck inside all weekend finishing up old projects. A few weeks ago I found out that a good friend of mine will be expecting a little addition to her family this year. Of course, I wanted to get started on a … Continue reading

Rainy Saturday Afternoon Card Making

Like most Pinterest addicts I spend quite a bit of time perusing the DIY section of the site and very often see beautiful hand-made cards. I look at them a bit enviously thinking “yeah, someday I’ll get around to making something like that”. Rotating through my normal list of hobbies I never got around to … Continue reading