A Quilt fit for a King – From FrankenQuilt to Love

When we last left off I had just chosen the fabric for my new quilt and had so very patiently washed and dried it in advance. It was neatly folded and, while still wrinkly, waited patiently for me to make the next move. Days later I had spent hours ironing, cutting, ironing and cutting some more. My original … Continue reading

5K Foam Fest – Kansas City

This past weekend was a busy one. It started on Saturday with one of my favorite addictions, a 5k obstacle course with my friends. I broke into this hobby about 2 years back by running 5k races as a challenge to get in shape. Last year it turned into an obsession with mud runs and … Continue reading

A Quilt fit for a King – Week 1

During the Quilting 101 class earlier this week my instructor said the only way to know if you truly love to quilt is to make a quilt from start to finish. She probably meant something like making a wall hanging. What I heard was, “You need a new bedspread, make one”. That was a very … Continue reading

Quilting 101- 7 things I learned

I have wanted to learn how to quilt for as long as I can remember. Earlier this year I attempted to teach myself this time-honored craft…if you saw those posts you would know that while it was not a complete failure it certainly was not a resounding success. I pulled out the big guns and … Continue reading

Scrabble me this

It may only be the beginning of October but if you plan on crafting your gifts this year the holiday season is probably in full swing. I feel that more and more the holidays are becoming commercialized and gifting is more about buying the shiniest thing that advertisers tell you people want instead of doing … Continue reading