Making My Case

I have been doing crochet for about two years now. In that time I have invested in all sorts of crochet needles for different projects. Small ones, big ones, metal ones, wooden ones…and then those pesky duplicates because I can’t remember where I stashed the one I need last time I needed it. On my … Continue reading

Time to let my Inspiration Take Off

Sitting in my craft room the other night surrounded by a sea of papers and boxes I started wondering if there was a better way. How could I possibly set this room up more efficiently to help keep this mess under control?┬áThe way I set up my area was to have my desks (the one … Continue reading

Mail Organization

I don’t know about everyone else but at my house we get a ridiculous amount of mail. Some of it is the easy to throw away junk mail, some of it things just need to be read and discarded and some of it requires a little thinking of what to do with it. Ultimately this … Continue reading