Peepfest 2013

Today is Friday. Not just any Friday but a beautiful, sunny, 60 degree Friday before Easter weekend. It is days like this that I have to think hard about this job that keeps me cooped up inside a dark cube staring sadly into a computer 8-10 hours a day. But today was different…today my coworkers … Continue reading

Shoes with Sole

My entire crochet career (about 2 years now) has consisted of making mostly blankets and hats. At one point I tried to make a sweater. Tried bieng the important word here because I made it about three rows in and was utterly confused. That project was frogged pretty quickly. The yarn is still lying here … Continue reading

Time to let my Inspiration Take Off

Sitting in my craft room the other night surrounded by a sea of papers and boxes I started wondering if there was a better way. How could I possibly set this room up more efficiently to help keep this mess under control?┬áThe way I set up my area was to have my desks (the one … Continue reading

Every Minute Counts (2013 Scrapbook)

Last year my cousin and I committed to starting a scrapbook project that would encompass a month-by-month memory of the entire year. It…was…awesome! Every month I would look back at the pages I had already done as I had a chance to remember all the small things I had done already. I should admit, that … Continue reading

Wrapped in Love

Posts two days in a row?! The world must be ending! Or…I have been stuck inside all weekend finishing up old projects. A few weeks ago I found out that a good friend of mine will be expecting a little addition to her family this year. Of course, I wanted to get started on a … Continue reading