A Pirate’s Quilt for Me

It’s been a long few months. Earlier this year I injured my wrist which has been an adventure all on its own. This has been fine for the most part but it isn’t until after you do something so silly that you begin to realize just how often you use your hands. Since I am the Queen of Clumsy I managed to injure my right hand, the dominant one. Oh yeah, I’m just that good. This has prevented me from doing a lot of things that I love like my crochet. I can’t tell you how longingly I look at those WIPs sitting in my basket wishing that I could lose myself in the monotony of a repetitive stitch on long days. I can’t lift anything heavy that would require two hands and I can’t do a lot of things that require small motor skills.

As you can expect this has been driving me stir crazy! I had to do something. The more creative side of me took over and reminded me that I have been wanting to learn to quilt for several years. All of the travel I do for work has been holding me back since it is very time consuming and not something that travels well. Soon I won’t have to worry about that since my days on the road are coming to a quick end. Emboldened with this knowledge and an excess of creative fumes I stole Crafting Chrissy and headed to the fabric store.

My first attempt at a quilting square.

My first attempt at a quilting square.

I picked up a new book, “Shape Workshop for Quilters” from Fat Quarterly, and hit the ground running. So far, I really like this book. It assumes a basic sewing knowledge and goes straight into the details about how to start blocking out squares. There is a wide variety of patterns and the instructions are easy to follow for a newby. I picked some of the simple squares at the beginning to get my feet wet. I started with a design called the windowpane. It was going great until I got to the outside border and somehow my square had shrunk about 1/4-1/2″. In my infinite wisdom I decided just to stretch it and see if I could make the size right…One would think that after all the years I had been sewing I would know better, but no. I had to learn that lesson again. Stretching it to make the edge fit resulted in a square that won’t sit flat. Alas, I like the square so I will probably be tearing the seams and matching the edges to the actual size, not the intended size. I need to do some investigation as to why exactly it turned out so much smaller than it was supposed to!

My second attempt at a quilting square. Much better!

My next attempt turned out much better. This pattern is called a double link. It used one less color but still highlighted the thematic fabric I picked for this quilt. It came in a little short on the edging as well but as I learned from the first one, it is better to match the actual size, not the intended size. I certainly have some techniques to master but I am definitely having fun already! If it turns out that I am not half bad at quilting this blanket is intended for one of my nephews. A virtual dollar to the first person to guess which one, he loves pirates and has a birthday coming up! đŸ™‚

It will be a little while before I can dive back into this project but I will definitely keep the updates coming. Until next time, stay crafty!


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