Making My Case

I have been doing crochet for about two years now. In that time I have invested in all sorts of crochet needles for different projects. Small ones, big ones, metal ones, wooden ones…and then those pesky duplicates because I can’t remember where I stashed the one I need last time I needed it. On my … Continue reading

Shoes with Sole

My entire crochet career (about 2 years now) has consisted of making mostly blankets and hats. At one point I tried to make a sweater. Tried bieng the important word here because I made it about three rows in and was utterly confused. That project was frogged pretty quickly. The yarn is still lying here … Continue reading

Rainy Saturday Afternoon Card Making

Like most Pinterest addicts I spend quite a bit of time perusing the DIY section of the site and very often see beautiful hand-made cards. I look at them a bit enviously thinking “yeah, someday I’ll get around to making something like that”. Rotating through my normal list of hobbies I never got around to … Continue reading

Sock Monkey Coffee Koozie

Another week and another project under my belt. With the spring storms coming in and keeping us inside for half the weekend Chrissy and I decided to start working through our backlog of Pinterest projects. Today we went for one that we had all of the materials for and that had been on both our to-do … Continue reading