Scrabble me this

It may only be the beginning of October but if you plan on crafting your gifts this year the holiday season is probably in full swing. I feel that more and more the holidays are becoming commercialized and gifting is more about buying the shiniest thing that advertisers tell you people want instead of doing … Continue reading

Hats Off to You!

You are all alone in New York City. Work is over for the day and you have free reign to do anything you want before meeting friends for dinner. You blink and suddenly find yourself standing in a store, a wall of yarn blocking your way. Staring down taunting you. “Look at how soft I … Continue reading

Wrapped in Love

Posts two days in a row?! The world must be ending! Or…I have been stuck inside all weekend finishing up old projects. A few weeks ago I found out that a good friend of mine will be expecting a little addition to her family this year. Of course, I wanted to get started on a … Continue reading

Adding to the Family

My blog has been neglected for quite a few months now. I promise it is not for lack of craftiness, but rather because I have been working on a few surprises and didn’t want them spoiled early! Today I wanted to share the last project I finished which was a crib blanket for my newest … Continue reading