Happy Heads

20131209-212934.jpgOver the last two or three months I have found myself entranced by the world of fiber. I had a glimpse at just how diverse and versatile fiber can be and Pandora’s box has been opened. I have been in need of more information and have been reading up on anything and everything I can find. I have started listening to the podcast Fiber Hooligan and they talk a lot about Halos of Hope, an organization that collects and donates hand-made hats for cancer patients. I recently had a friend tell me she had someone close to her going through a round of chemotherapy and my heart went out to her and her friend. Listening to this podcast helped me realize that I could do something for her. I found the softest yarn in my stash and started working on a hat. On the podcast they talk about being careful when choosing yarns and patterns and to remember that scalps are extra sensitive when exposed to radiation. I found a pattern put out by Red Heart yarns and used their Red Heart Super Soft yarn, the guacamole colorway, to complete the hat. This is one of my favorite big box store yarns and one I keep adding to my stash. It is so very soft and very consistent. I don’t feel like I am fighting the yarn to work with it but it does hook best on slightly larger needles like an H or I hook. Getting down to smaller needles like the G my pattern called for I tend to catch this yarn a lot and really have to focus on keeping my tension looser.


In my usual adventurous way, heavily influenced by my desire not to rip stitches, I made a few modifications to the pattern which I documented on my Ravelry project page. I am looking forward to sharing this with someone who can benefit from it and look forward to donating hats to the organization in the future. If you have some spare time and would like to get involved I encourage you to check out the organization and see how you can help.

The pattern was easy to follow and quick to complete. I like that the hat has a lot of structure and is not terribly flimsy. It reminds me of a bowler hat only made from yarn which I have a very special love for. This was a good weekend project and if you need a hat pattern I do recommend this one.



2 Responses to “Happy Heads”
  1. Beth says:

    I love the idea of crocheting hats for cancer patients. I would love the pattern and a little instruction on how to do this. This would give me motivation to crochet since I don’t really need anything myself.

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