Winter is Coming

…Or so my friends seem to think. Last week one of my friends asked me to make him a scarf with two qualifications. 1) Soft as a baby blanket 2) Ultra warm. After discovering that almost any type of embellishment on a scarf is un-manly I agreed to make a very plain scarf that met these qualifications. I don’t do boring very well so I also opted to make a second one with a bit of personal style added on. I do feel that if you are going to have a hand-made item from a friend it should be something that you can’t just buy at the store.

Finished Products

We went yarn shopping Saturday afternoon and when I got home I spent the remainder of the weekend hashing out these two scarves. To meet the second qualification we chose a bulky weight yarn. I prefer worsted and sport weight yarns which are better for intricate showing off details so I had not yet worked with any bulky weights. We picked out the Lion Brand Homespun yarn which is spun very loosely giving it a fluffy and extremely soft feel. It was a very different feeling from what I’m used to but once I got a feel for it I found the experience very pleasurable. It also made for a quick project since the thick yarn made each stitch turn out rather large. If I ever need a heavy and soft yarn again I will be reaching for this brand, especially if I can pick it up on sale for $4.99 again!

I loved how the colors changed throughout the skein giving an extra depth to the finished product. I would, however, caution that if you are using multiple skeins be sure to check the dye lots. With the red-orange skein, the color is called Wildfire, I didn’t pay attention to dye lots and the first was a beautiful array of dark orange and browns while the second skein started with a bright orange color. I ended up cutting off a yard or so before I started so it was a more even transition to the new color scheme. You can see the transition point on the top row where it suddenly becomes a yellow-orange. The variation worked on this project but if I wanted a more consistent coloring this would have been a problem for me. 

Check out my projects on Ravelry for information about the patterns and more pictures.

Link to my Red-Orange Scarf

Link to my Blue Scarf

3 Responses to “Winter is Coming”
  1. ginsthings says:

    They are beautiful, happy hooking 🙂

  2. Cyndi says:


    • EverydayPam says:

      You know…I have that hat sitting by my front door and every time I leave the house I think “I need to put that in the mail for Cyndi”….I think I’ve been worse at mailing this time than you usually are! Ahhhh!

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