A Quilt fit for a King – Week 1

During the Quilting 101 class earlier this week my instructor said the only way to know if you truly love to quilt is to make a quilt from start to finish. She probably meant something like making a wall hanging. What I heard was, “You need a new bedspread, make one”. That was a very logical conclusion to me and anyone who knows me is not surprised in the least. Why take a small bite when a gigantic bite is so much bigger, who cares if chewing is hard. Bad analogy? Please forgive me, it is Friday afternoon after all.

Yesterday CraftingChrissy and I made a pact to each create a quilt for our beds from start to finish using the pattern we learned in class this week. (Hey CraftingChrissy, since I used the term “pact” it is official and there is no backing out!) This series, “A Quilt Fit For a King”, will be about my experiences during this project. Last night we went to the store and chose fabrics. That trip was an adventure all by itself which culminated in me realizing I had no wallet since I left it at work and being saved by my beautiful, talented and gracious cousin. Ultimately we were successful and each picked out three colors for our quilts. I chose a cool color pallete with a blue, green and grey to match the colors I want to repaint my bedroom. I have been meaning to do that since I painted it the first time 3 years ago. Maybe this will be the push I needed to get it done! You can see my fabric choices in the featured image. I apologize to mobile users as I think that part gets cut off for mobile devices. 😦

Tomorrow I will start by ironing everything and beginning to cut all those little pieces. However, I wanted to make sure that the fabric was pre-washed first so I threw it in the washer and dryer last night to get it ready. I did some research (read: I googled) and it seems like pre-washing fabric is a big debate in the quilting world. Here is a summary of what I have learned on both sides:

Pros for Pre-washing fabric:

  • Colors are less likely to bleed when you wash the quilt the first time.
  • The chemicals used by manufacturers wash off and makes the fabric less irritating for the skin.
  • The fabric shrinks before you sew it helping avoid puckering the first time you wash it and keeping it crisp for longer.

Cons for Pre-washing fabric:

  • You lose the stiffness in the fabric making it a little harder to work with though you may get some back if you use starch.
  • The fabric shrinks avoiding the pucker the first time you wash it…This can be a con if you want the antique or worn look right away.

I made my decision based solely on the finished look. I want my quilt to look crisp and flat for as long as possible and I hope that the pre-washing helps with that.

What are your thoughts on this debate?

2 Responses to “A Quilt fit for a King – Week 1”
  1. CraftingChrisst says:

    this is both a test to see if you get this- since you haven’t gotten my other 3. and to say I’m completely ok with this pact. As long as there is no blood or spit needed to make it more official than it already is. 😛

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