Hats Off to You!

You are all alone in New York City. Work is over for the day and you have free reign to do anything you want before meeting friends for dinner. You blink and suddenly find yourself standing in a store, a wall of yarn blocking your way. Staring down taunting you. “Look at how soft I am”. “Look at how much color I have”. “See how much potential I hold?”. Why is it that yarn always knows the right things to say to get into my head? As far as inanimate objects go yarn is definitely one of my rivals. This is the exact situation I found myself in a few weeks back while visiting New York City. Having severely underestimated how much work I had left on my current project I found myself in need of something new. I didn’t want to start another big project and so I started looking through books to find something small and quick that could keep me busy for a weekend.

Completed Newsboy Beanie

I discovered just the thing, a book full of different hats. That night I met up with an amazing friend who I am usually deprived of seeing (even though I got to see her twice last month!). Over dinner I had her pick a hat and started work that weekend on creating a little Christmas in July present. I worked out of the book Slouchy Beanies & Head Wraps. I was pretty happy with this book and would recommend it to others. It had a variety of patterns in several levels of difficulty. The hat I made took only a few hours (read maybe 8 hours) to finish and looks very polished. There are several stitches where the book refers you to an online video tutorial if you need assistance. I was impressed that their tutorial shows the examples both for left handed and right handed crochet. Since I’ve been trying to teach my mother who is left handed and I am but a lowly right handed crochet-er I realize just how useful that can be!

I embellished the hat with a little brooch I bought from pugster.com and for less than $10 I have a product that I can truly say I am proud of. For more details on the hat and its construction visit my Ravelry page here.

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