Dinner with a twist

Pearls are a girls best friend.

Pearls are a girls best friend.

As with many people in the world I am addicted to Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local, etc. Sometimes I find great deals on things I use every day and sometimes I discover new things that I would never have tried before. Back in December I saw a deal on Living Social for a company called Night Of Mystery. They sell mystery dinner parties. You choose the theme of the party you want to host and the package comes with the story for the evening, character profiles, decoration and dinner ideas, etc.

Kitty brings the party wherever she goes.

Kitty brings the party wherever she goes.

Every one gets their characters in advance so they can prepare how they will play their part. When they arrive at the party you give them a list of goals that tell them how to interact with the other players and how to fulfill their own personal desires for the evening. At some point…wait for it…MURDER happens. After that everyone gets new goals while they try to figure out who did the dirty deed. Of course we all know this means I took the bait and bought the deal. My friends and I chose to do the 1920’s themed mystery “Murder at the Juice Joint” and after hunting for a good weekend we got 12 people to commit and join us for a mystery dinner last weekend. What a blast!!! Everyone who came played their part perfectly creating great rivalries and even secret love affairs throughout the evening.

Rosie Marie runs a tough joint.

Rosie Marie runs a tough joint.

My cousin CraftingChrissy and I decided to make our own outfits for the party so we picked out a simple-sew pattern that had the right structure and we cut it to length. Both of our dresses were made of the same pattern but in my opinion they have very different feels. Of course, every good flapper knows that no outfit is complete without an abundant amount of pearls so we grabbed plenty of those to dress up our outfits. We even managed to find some plastic guns and my wonderful husband painted them up for us to get a more authentic feel.

If you have friends who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and you are looking for a fun evening I highly recommend checking out these parties. They were easy to plan and easy to play. Having guidance throughout the night made it fun for everyone to play along and if you keep following my blog you are probably going to see a few more parties like this one popping up!


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