Shoes with Sole

My entire crochet career (about 2 years now) has consisted of making mostly blankets and hats. At one point I tried to make a sweater. Tried bieng the important word here because I made it about three rows in and was utterly confused. That project was frogged pretty quickly. The yarn is still lying here in my office taunting me and reminding me about that miserable failure. The experience really dampened my desire to make items for wearing.Finished Shoes

I’d like to believe that I was but a wide eyed novice back then and of course now I am much wiser. If not that, at least I can say I have learned a larger variety of stitches and have had a lot more practice reading patterns. Emboldened by this realization I decided last weekend to crochet myself a pair of slippers. I searched through the available patterns and decided on one that I could purchase from Etsy. Courtesy of the TwoGirlsPatterns I picked up my instructions for $5.50, gathered some old scrap yarn and started on my shoes. I will add that this pattern doesn’t take a lot of yarn so even after completing I still have scraps of these two skeins. The attempt to clear space on my shelf failed but my attempt to get a super cheap pair of shoes was certainly a success.

Wearing my shoesNaturally I thought shoes wouldn’t be too hard, one or two days and I’ll be done with it. A week later…I wasn’t too far off on estimates. All in all this probably took me about 20 hours to finish. I did make a few adjustments to the pattern as I worked it to adjust it for my abnormally wide feet. Wearing them now I wonder how necessary those adjustments really were since the yarn does stretch the longer you wear them. I love that the back has a drawstring built in so as they stretch out you can tighten them and keep them snug on your feet. It also adds a cute bow for interest.

This pattern was a pleasure to work with. It was very well written and easy to understand. The pattern comes with instructions for shoe sizes 5-10 so you don’t have to guess how to size them up or down. Check out my ravelry page to see what changes I made or the TwoGirlsPatterns shop on Etsy to pick up the instructions for these “Lovely Lady Loafers”.

One Response to “Shoes with Sole”
  1. Great post! I am pretty new to crochet and I find myself reading patterns over a hundred times! But it’s all in the hopes of getting better:) Nice job with your slippers!

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