Time to let my Inspiration Take Off

Sitting in my craft room the other night surrounded by a sea of papers and boxes I started wondering if there was a better way. How could I possibly set this room up more efficiently to help keep this mess under control? The way I set up my area was to have my desks (the one I described building in an earlier post and the one I owned before that) in an L shape facing the door and my storage shelves. I realized that with my shelf on the other side of my desk I was having to get up and take things back with me. Of course that certainly explains why my floor is always such a mess.  Yikes!

Organized Room

The new arrangement

A plan quickly came to life about how to rearrange what I have and create a cozier work space. I decided to move my shelves behind my desk creating more of a U shaped work area. Since I like to face the door and I wanted to keep a space for Crafting Chrissy to use when she visited I left the desks in the same direction. What I didn’t realize was the problem I would create of a completely bare wall to stare at while I worked. How…uninspiring. That certainly wouldn’t do. As I surveyed my shelf I saw a box that I have labeled “Inspiration/Misc”. I thought seriously about what was in there and only after a minute or so did I finally remember the inspirational cards and magazine clippings I had kept. How inspirational can they be kept where I don’t even remember them? That was the light bulb of brilliance! Time to create a wall that would inspire me while I let me creativity out into the world. Time to let my inspiration to take off.

This part I did have to buy new supplies but I am happy with the result and find it worth every penny. I decided to add a cork board strip across my wall where I could pin up all of the things that inspire me. I went to Jo-Anns and grabbed the supplies.

Let your inspiration take off.

Let your inspiration take off.

  • 3 Packs of Cork Tiles – $21 (Each tile is 12×12 and there are 4 tiles/pk)
  • 1 box of pushpins – $2.50
  • Wooden Letters – $16.50
  • 1 Can of spray paint – Free (already owned)

Once I had my prize home the assembly was a cinch. I took the letters out to the garage, laid down some newspaper, added a coat of spray paint and set those aside to dry. The cork tiles I bought came with double sided stickers to attach them to the walls. I put 10 of the 12 tiles on the wall lining the first one up with a corner and working across from there. My OCD didn’t kick in enough to get a level out but it looks pretty straight to me. When I was done with that I had enough stickies left over to use for the letters as well. I stuck those up in the wall arranging them just so and finished it off with the bright colored pins I bought  sporadically placed along the wall. It cost a bit more than I intended, though you could get around that by shopping with coupons, but I am very pleased with the results. I can’t wait to give it a test run this weekend; I think that this room is going to be a lot more user friendly and, more importantly, inspiring.

Bright colors add a pop to the inspiration wall.

Bright colors add a pop to the inspiration wall.


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