Every Minute Counts (2013 Scrapbook)

Last year my cousin and I committed to starting a scrapbook project that would encompass a month-by-month memory of the entire year. It…was…awesome! Every month I would look back at the pages I had already done as I had a chance to remember all the small things I had done already. I should admit, that was my first big scrapbook project. I have some books around that I’ve completed for vacations and the like but never anything as daunting as this. This undertaking, of course, taught me a few lessons learned that I will work into my project this year.

  • Mistake #1 – Not limiting how many pages I could do for each month. I thought this allowed me flexibility to create what I wanted every month. What I did instead was create a huge task every month as I felt obligated to record every big thing that I did. Each month had 4-6 pages of pictures to get through. It became a weekend adventure to get it all logged in the book…which may be why I still have a month to go finish…umm, I’ll get right on that.
  • Solution – This year I am limiting myself to one page per month. Yep, you heard me. Just one. I can definitely do that every month or two.
  • Mistake #2 – Ordering my pictures before I decided what my spread would look like. Again, I thought this allowed me flexibility but as someone  who can’t miss a good picture I have a million to chose from. Narrowing it down and selecting only the ones I could imagine myself using still left me with a pile of unwanted (but printed) pictures by the end of the year.
  • Solution – I will do all of my layouts in advance and only after that will I print the pictures that I need.

Mental post-mortem of last years project complete I feel fully refreshed and ready to start on the next one. I am officially kicking off project ‘Every Minute Counts’ a scrapbook for 2013. My goal is to create a 12 page scrapbook that creatively tells the story of my year. I will attempt to learn new techniques along the way and improve my finished product. With these new rules in mind I sat down to get started on this year. It’s March and I’m behind already, we can see where these rules were necessary!

Handwritten Memories

Plane made with watercolor pencils

Plane made with watercolor pencils

I started with February so at least I wasn’t falling further behind. I added spots for pictures of the snowstorm that swept the Midwest last month and combined stamps and handwriting to capture the memories of what I had been up to the rest of the time. This took me about 2 hours from inception to completion. Not too bad for a whole month!

Feeling emboldened by how easy one month was to complete I started on January. Here I decided to capture the two trips I made for work that had me travelling across the US. Since I didn’t carry my camera I will be printing off two photos from Instagram giving me an easy 4×4 photo. I also didn’t have any good embellishments for this page so I decided to break in some new watercolor pencils I found on clearance at Michaels. I traced a clipart image of a plane on white paper, cut it out, colored it in with my pencils, brushed it with a wet paint brush and voila!, my own plane sticker.

I think this year is going to be a good one for my scrapbook. I am pretty excited to pick out a new album, stick the pictures down and officially say project ‘Every Minute Counts’ is a go!

January & February Layouts

January & February Layouts


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