Wrapped in Love

Completed Baby Blanket

Posts two days in a row?! The world must be ending! Or…I have been stuck inside all weekend finishing up old projects.

A few weeks ago I found out that a good friend of mine will be expecting a little addition to her family this year. Of course, I wanted to get started on a blanket for her and baby (these are becoming my favorite projects). Forget that I have a few blankets currently being worked just to keep my hands busy, none of those really felt quite right for this mom-to-be. I started hunting through Ravelry for that perfect blanket. A few hours later I think I went through every baby blanket pattern in their inventory and finally decided on the one that I was going to bring to life.

I went to the store to find my yarn and while I had my heart set on doing a version of this blanket in pink I couldn’t find any brands that carried a good variety of light and dark pink that would really make this blanket pop. Instead I discovered Caron Simply Soft yarn which may be the softest thing I have yet to work with. I picked two skeins of each color (white, plum and light purple) and was off to tackle the pattern. Not only was this yarn a pleasure to work with but it seems to be permanently on sale for 2.50/skein so the entire cost of this blanket materials was about $15 ($20 including the cost of the pattern). Ruffle Border

I really like how the blanket turned out with a dramatic contrast between the light and dark colors and the border that ruffles very nicely. It is heavy enough for warmth but it is light enough that it should make a good summer gift. I will say that the pattern leaves a little to be desired and at some parts you will need to rely on your imagination and experience to figure out what the author is trying to have you do. It is a very easy pattern once you decipher all of the components but it would not be one I would tackle if it is one of your very first projects. If you are looking for an interesting blanket that goes together quickly this is a good choice. From the first stitch to the last this kept me busy for about 2 weeks, not bad for an entire blanket!

If you want more information about the materials I used or the pattern take a look on my Ravelry page. If you want the pattern please visit LoveCyprusCrochet on Etsy.


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