Rainy Saturday Afternoon Card Making

Like most Pinterest addicts I spend quite a bit of time perusing the DIY section of the site and very often see beautiful hand-made cards. I look at them a bit enviously thinking “yeah, someday I’ll get around to making something like that”. Rotating through my normal list of hobbies I never got around to this one. Well, as my boredom reached new heights this weekend, locked away by a cold and an afternoon rainstorm, I decided to open the craft room back up and let the creative juices flow. I sat down to try my hand at card making…finally.

Someone will be hearing from me this year.

Someone will be hearing from me this year.

I perused my stamp collection and saw a rather Easter themed stamp that I hadn’t used since buying it, haven’t we all been there. I figured that was a sign that I should actually send at least one Easter card this year so I grabbed that stamp and headed to my desk. I have an old stack of blue/teal card stock cards from invitations sent ages ago, a box of scrap paper, my embellishments and some markers. The planning begins. Now, this is the part that I was never very good at, deciding how to fill up the empty space. Ha, I know some people who can look at a blank slate and immediately see how it will look when they are done. I, on the other hand, never know what the next piece will be until the one before it gets laid. Taking bits of this and scraps of that I pieced together a cute little card that I am rather fond of.

Hopefully I will post again before Easter but in case I don’t, this little guy is wishing you a Happy Easter!

Easter Chicken

An adorable stamp I found for $1 at Michael’s last year embossed with bronze embossing powder.


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