Adding to the Family

My blog has been neglected for quite a few months now. I promise it is not for lack of craftiness, but rather because I have been working on a few surprises and didn’t want them spoiled early! Today I wanted to share the last project I finished which was a crib blanket for my newest nephew Asher. I started this project in early May when we found out it was going to be a boy and spent most of my summer working through it. This blanket has traveled the country with me seeing parts of Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee! Now it has found its home in Minnesota with its adorable new owner.

I learned a few new techniques along the way including how to back post and front post double crochet creating the raised look of the diamonds and the cables. This seemed a little daunting at first and it was definitely more complicated than anything I had done before. However, with the expertise assistance of Crafting Chrissy we were able to decipher it and after a few rows the pattern started coming together.

I had joined Ravelry just prior to starting this project and was able to track everything about this project while I worked on it. If you are interested in seeing the information about the pattern or the yarn that I used feel free to wander over to my Ravelry page and read up on it.

I have a few more projects in the works but may not be able to show them off until after Christmas. However, I will try to keep updating with smaller items along the way to keep you guys entertained.

2 Responses to “Adding to the Family”
  1. Beth Widell says:

    That blanket is gorgeous. Holy cow. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so beautiful

    Beth Widell
    Family And Consumer Science
    St. Francis High School
    St. Francis, MN

  2. EverydayPam says:

    Evan wants to know if you have ever seen him… 🙂

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