My Corner of the World Pt. 1

If you know me, then you have probably heard me talking about the mythical garden I am going to put in the back yard this year. I have been saying this for a while but this year I have the follow-through to back it up. We used to have a kids play set in our back yard and I managed to find someone to take it away and make room for my ever so magical garden. I like to stand in the kitchen and see this ripped up piece of ground that will soon be the pride of my yard!

I have been doing my research on what plants are appropriate for a Missouri/Kansas climate. I’ve looked into when they need to get planted, what they shouldn’t be planted near and how long they will take to grow. All of this planning and I finally decided it was time to act on it. So, in my wisdom I thought I would tackle the first part of the project which is to get the plants started that need to be nourished inside before they can find their home in the outdoor garden. I went to Home Depot and got everything I was going to need. Here was the final count of supplies this time:

  • A variety of seed packets (Roma tomatoes, early treat tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and herbs)
  • Soil for starting seeds
  • Seed starting containers (biodegradable so they can be put directly into the garden when ready)
  • 3 Terra Cotta Pots for the herbs

On Monday I followed the instructions and filled the containers with soil, dropped a few vegetable seeds in each, added a bit more soil to cover and then watered. Now, I am probably up there with the most impatient people in the world which made gardening seem a bit daunting. However, I got home from work yesterday to find that my broccoli is already making its way into this world!

I can’t wait to see the other ones pop their heads out of the soil and make my in-house starter garden really start to look yummy!

Since I am going through all of the effort to get my own vegetables from the land this year I decided it would also be quaint to grow my own herbs in the kitchen. I was tired of my old counter decorations so I got three terra-cotta pots, painted them with leftover paint from the garage (this happened to be chalkboard paint the previous home owners left for us), filled them with soil and planted my herbs. They are not as fast-growing as the broccoli, but I am holding out hope that they will make a nice counter decoration in a few weeks.

There is nothing quite as lovely as cooking with fresh herbs but to get them from the grocery store at $3 a container so I can use 1 tsp of chopped rosemary just wasn’t cutting it. This part of the project will hopefully serve dual purpose as that cute counter decoration and a nice friendly budget saver.

I hope that you enjoyed the first part of my garden entries because there will hopefully be plenty of exciting updates this summer as these things all come together. You can look forward to an entry about building the garden boxes either this weekend or next (weather permitting). If you have any advice for a first time gardener please share! Every little bit of advice will be helpful.


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