Mail Organization

I don’t know about everyone else but at my house we get a ridiculous amount of mail. Some of it is the easy to throw away junk mail, some of it things just need to be read and discarded and some of it requires a little thinking of what to do with it. Ultimately this means that we get home from work, empty the mail box and dump everything on the counter. A few times a week I end up going through the mail sorting it, and sending it to the appropriate people’s rooms. In the mean time I have to deal with piles of mail sitting on the counter and it leads to this constant feeling that my kitchen is not clean.

The solution? Create a place for mail that isn’t on the counter! Brilliant! There are all sorts of options available for mail organization but I opted to create my own system for Casa Del Schwamb. I had leftover wood in the garage from previous projects so I decided to throw together a wooden frame that I could cover with fabric to match my kitchen and mount on the wall.

I was able to use up a bunch of scraps I had lying around but I did have to make a trip to the craft store to get the finishing touches on this project.

Here is the breakdown of materials which gave me enough to make 3 mail boxes:

  • 1 yard of fabric – $6
  • 1/4″ Batting – $5
  • Claws to hang the frame – $2
  • 2×4 in 7″-8″ pieces – scraps from a cat post that never got built….
  • Plywood cut in 7″x11″ rectangle – scraps from when I built the desk
  • 2″ Wood screws – scraps
  • Hot glue gun & glue

First, I cut the 2×4 into 3 pieces for each frame. Two 7″ pieces for the side and one 8″ piece for the base. This gave me a frame of 7″ x 11″. I then cut the leftover plywood to fit the front of the frame and screwed it all together. I love this part of the project because it is the first step where you can envision what the end result will actually look like!

Next I took the batting and cut it to size. I opted to only wrap it around the front and side avoiding the bottom which gave the sides a nice soft look rather than a rough edge. I glued it in place with hot glue and then cut the fabric so it was a little larger than what was required to pull the edges all the way around. First I glued the two sides down making sure to pull the fabric tight. Then I worked my way around the rest of the frame pulling the edges tight and glueing everything down with hot glue. finally, I added hooks to hang the box from the wall.


Total project time was about 3 hours to make two boxes. I built out the frame for a third one as well but after

getting them up on the wall I decided I liked the look of just two. I may add name labels to them to make it easy for people to find their own mail on the wall.

The final result is all of our mail neatly confined to its new home rather than spread haphazardly across my  counters. I hope that this will help clean up the clutter and make it feel a little cleaner around here.

If you have any feedback leave a commend and let me know what you think!

One Response to “Mail Organization”
  1. Beth says:

    awesome idea. I envy your talent and follow through.

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