Sock Monkey Coffee Koozie

Another week and another project under my belt. With the spring storms coming in and keeping us inside for half the weekend Chrissy and I decided to start working through our backlog of Pinterest projects. Today we went for one that we had all of the materials for and that had been on both our to-do boards since we joined Pinterest. The goal? A koozie for our coffee mugs that will look like a happy sock monkey.

I started this project earlier this morning and worked intermittently on it throughout the day. All-in-all I would say this project took about 3-4 hours to complete. However, I do believe that the second one would go much faster as the pattern would be a little more clear. Isn’t that true with all projects though!

I didn’t take any pictures during the construction phase but I have added a few pictures of the final product for your viewing pleasure. On the right you can see the one I created. I chose to make my sock monkey out of a blue yarn with maroon accents. Since I bought about 13 skeins of this blue yarn to make a sweater and then gave up after fighting with the pattern I figured I could spare a small amount for my monkey. The maroon was scraps left over from a Minnesota Gophers blanket I made for my parents. Since not much yarn is required this is a great project to use up those little pieces you just can’t stand to throw away.

I mentioned that Chrissy was working on one of these with me. She chose to do hers in the traditional grey and red which I love! The end result was absolutely fantastic and so I couldn’t deprive you of the opportunity to see both finished products below. You can check out her thoughts on the project over at her blog


If you would like to make one of these cute guys (or girls) for yourself you can find the pattern at the JoAnn Fabric website.


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