Camera Purse-Bag

Camera Purse

I must first apologize for abandoning my blog for so long. I cannot roll back time and undo my lack of blog attention which may have caused undue stress, anxiety and abandoment issues. I can only tell you that you have been on my mind and were never forgotten. While I may have left my blog idle for some time I certainly have not been idle. I can’t recap all I have done in one blog post so I may have to cover a bit of back log as I work through the next few weeks to catch up.

In my opening post I promised a variety on this blog which would include my adventures in photography and crafting. Today I present you with a perfect marriage of both. Photography of my crafts that assist me in my photography! A few weeks ago I decided that while my camera bag was necessary and easy to carry it wasn’t cute and I just wasn’t taking it with me places. This obviously led to many missed photo opportunities. Luckily, I stumbled upon the idea of creating my own camera purse-bag which would be both stylish and useful. Skipping Chrissy

The first and most important step in this adventure was to find that perfect bag. With this is mind my cousin and I woke up bright and early on a Saturday morning and headed out to the shopping mall with this one goal in mind. Ok, we may have also been intent on finally going to the Charming Charlie Outlet mall…but the actual details don’t emphasize the story quite the same. It was a bright and clear February morning and the sun was shining good omens upon us. We reached the yellow brick road (thank you Kansas) and there was no going back. Chrissy was seized by the urge to skip down the yellow brick road and I was just lucky enough to capture the moment forever.

I’m glad to report that we did not run into any issues on the yellow brick road. No companions joined us and no evil monkeys attacked us. We arrived safely at the Charming Charlie Outlet store where we managed to waste a few hours scouring through everything they had to offer in search of those perfect items. As always, we spent way more than we ever intended but in the process I found the perfect camera bag so this outing was definitely a success. After a quick lunch to nourish the creative side we stopped off at JoAnn Fabrics to pick up the crafty components to make a safe home for my camera inside of my new camera bag. I picked up a yard of fabric and a pack of 1 inch thick foam padding. At home I measured the inside of the purse and cut the foam padding to size so the bottom, all four sides and a few dividers would fit snugly inside. I then cut fabric to size for each foam piece and sewed the fabric around the foam. As a finishing touch and for a little extra stability I hand sewed velcro onto the divider pieces which prevents them from moving around inside of my bag. When it was all said and done I had a brand new stylish camera bag that was designed precisely for my use and style which could be gutted and double as a purse if I ever desired. For $50 I would give this project an A+!

Camera Purse


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