Hello Lincoln, NE

This past weekend I dragged Evan back up to Lincoln, NE for our Raikes School (JDE) alumni reunion. It was quite the adventurous little weekend! Since I-29 is still closed due to flooding we had to take a detour through Kansas on roads I didn’t even know existed before this weekend. Instead of a nice two lane highway without stop lights we instead got a one lane road that kept dropping to 30 mph as we drove through small towns no one has ever heard of. The upside is that the view was nice and it didn’t take too much longer, for what that’s worth.

We got to Lincoln Friday evening and went over to the student union to join some of my former classmates in drinking legally on campus property for maybe the first time. After our mixer we had the opportunity to head to back to Kauffman, our old stomping ground, and get some dinner and an onslaught of old pictures, videos and memories. It was pretty amusing to look back 10 years and see just how far technology has come. We also had the chance to hear from a few current students about the changes they have been making to the program. I, for one, am really glad to hear about the things that are changing and think they will help the program to stay viable.

We finished dinner and wandered down to the hay market to enjoy some drinks kindly provided by one of our board members at the Hudl office. If you haven’t had a chance to hear about Hudl yet, they were a startup formed by a few of my prior classmates that focuses on changing the way sports teams get information to their players. You can wander over and read about them and their incredible success here. Ending that tangent, we had a great evening out on the party deck and it was really great to be able to catch up with people I haven’t seen in person for 3+ years!

On Saturday we didn’t call it quits and head home! NEVER! We killed some time in the morning by making the very long walk from campus to the new ADPi house near the capitol. It was exciting to see that the group we left behind is still flourishing and now have a place to call home. On the way back to the haymarket we met a cute little squirrel enjoying his lunch. He was kind enough to stop and pose for us, even if he was yelling at the top of his little squirrel lungs the entire time. As soon as he saw us he froze and stared at us. When I stepped closer he meandered up the tree a bit with his lunch in his mouth and threw us this look which he again froze on until I could get a picture. We repeated this a few times. Move, freeze, stare…move, freeze, stare. It was quite the photo shoot. As we were walking away he was berating us with what I have to imagine was an onslaught of squirrel obscenties. He (she?) was apparently very upset that I had called the photo session to an end so very early. However, I had people to see and places to be and I just couldn’t spend all day hanging out with a little squirrel no matter how cute he was.

We wandered back down to the haymarket to grab lunch with an old friend and then found out that apparently on days when the game is not in Lincoln it is nearly impossible to find an open bar at 3pm. We just wanted a place to shoot some darts and kill some time…is that really too much to ask for? We ended up holding out at one of my least favorite bars in college. It turns out that when you are the first people to show up the bars still smell clean and your feet don’t stick to the floor. I apparently was doing it wrong for years! To make a long story short…er, we got out of the bar unscathed and were able to  catch the first half of the Nebraska v. Wyoming game with some of the Raikes alumns before we had to pack it up and head for home. Luckily we had enough radio in nowhere-Kansas to finish listening to the game where the Huskers rolled the Cowboys, our last non-conference game of the season.

Lessons learned this weekend:

1) Don’t let a squirrel think he’s getting a full photo shoot and then cut it short. They don’t have nice things to say.

2) Apparently you should drink before everyone else if you want clean bars.

3) Don’t go to Lincoln until I-29 is open again

And if you want to check out the remainder of my sparse pictures from this weekend you can check them out on my Picasa page here.

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