After work I decided to take my two rambunctious monsters back to the Penn Valley dog park. I stopped at the house long enough to grab a bite to eat and put the dogs on leashes and then out the door we went. We arrived at the park around 6:30 and I knew that we would be making a close call as the park closes when the sun goes down and my boys don’t tire out easily. The dogs did well today. Guinness even managed to win over two guys who spent about 20 minutes throwing any tennis ball he would drop at their feet. He can’t even get me to do that for him! Once the dogs started to look like they were going to fall over from exhaustion while trying to pass off a quick walk for a run I leashed them back up and planned on heading home. I didn’t plan on leaving the park at the perfect time to see the sun setting over the trees. Luckily I am awesome and I remembered to put my camera in the trunk before we left. I grabbed it out of the car and dragged my two tired dogs up the hill. I was just in time to capture this beautiful shot of the sun setting in a beautiful array of purple and pink over the trees.


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