Kansas City Rennaisance Festival

Today I went to the Kansas City Rennaisance Festival with Evan, Jesse, Matt and his crew. We arrived shortly after lunch and spent some time wandering around and acquanting ourselves with the festival vendors as well as the bartenders. This week the theme was “Highland Games” so there were kilted men wandering around everywhere. We went over to the games section in time to watch a few “manly men” carry large rocks up and down a field, trying to do it faster than every man before him. We, of course, were in the tent enjoying a nice flight of beers while this was going on. After we had emptied our glasses and the show muscles had become too much we started looking around at the Scottish themed tents. We found a vendor that was selling kilts for a reasonable price and Evan tried it on. They must be as comfortable as I hear because he bought it on the spot. Since he decided to go all out for the festival today I followed along suit and picked up a dress that I have been wishing I had for years and hope that I will get plenty of use out of over the next few years. Matt was good enough to snap this photo of the two of us in front of a perfectly romantic backdrop.

Other than the vendors we stopped to watch a few shows including my very favorite at the KC Ren Fest. The Washing Wenches are a must see if they appear at a festival near you, or if you venture into our neighborhood. This pair of cousins make a living doing laundry and embarrasing any man who is willing to partake in their show. This includes, but is not limited to, having a guy run across the open area, put on a pair of whitey tighteys, strike a manly pose and yell “With my man pants I can do anything”. All of this just to win a flower for a girl and of course avoid being drenched in water.

After an exhausting couple of hours in the sun we relaxed at the hookah bar enjoying the sights of the festival. We were even lucky enough to find a man walking a goat on a leash through the highland game grounds once everything was shutting down. That’s not a sight you see every day. Unfortunately my camera was packed away and I was not able to get a shot of that moment to share with everyone here.

You can see the full album on my Picasa site here.


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