Choosing an Aperture

I have started following a website that I have learned quite a bit from. At they post tips and tricks each week as well as running a “Weekly Challenge” giving you a topic and challenging you to find a way to use it in your photography. This week the challenge was using shallow depth, where the subject of your photo is in focus and the background is faded out in a blur. I kept this in mind as I have worked on getting some new photos to share here and learned quite a bit about aperture settings along the way.

Yesterday it started raining towards the end of the work day.  It even managed to take out our generators at work, leaving us without power for about a minute until the backup generators powered on with an annoying buzzing sound. Assuming that was a sign from the weekend gods I packed up and headed home early. Sitting on my couch and watching the rain start to ease up I decided to take my camera out onto the deck and try to capture the moment in a photo.

Keeping in mind the challenge for the week I snapped this shot of the rain dripping off our deck  coffee table. The water was pooling on top of the table and slowly forming along the edge to leap into the air and crash into the deck.

I have learned that with animals, the key is to take more pictures than you think you need because they will inevitably move in a way you didn’t want them to at the very last second. Of the 20 or so pictures I shot this was probably my favorite. I tried to bring just her face into focus and throw the rest of the picture into a blur while still capturing the beautiful colors in her coat. Kudos to Miss Lili.

Either way, as the dogs played and burned off a minute amount of their infinite energy I wandered around looking for something interesting to capture. In the corner of the park I found a dead and fallen tree that I couldn’t resist. I pulled out my camera and captured the details and colors while still keeping in mind my challenge for the week.With those three pictures and probably unintersting stories I will sign off for now and hopefully will have something more exciting to tell about next time!


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