Huskers And Fall…Perfection!

Each morning this week I awoke and opened the door to be greeted by a threat of fall drawing nearer. The crisp, cold air may make some sigh, already remembering the warmer days of summer. For me, it is an exciting sign that my favorite season is approaching. College football kicked off last week and the next few weeks will introduce the beginning of sweater weather. I love sweater weather.

Let’s not get too excited!

Caught up in all this excitement I decided to channel my new found love of crochet to create something that would celebrate the beginning of two of my favorite things – Fall and the Husker football. I started crocheting a few months ago and have a few things to show for it but as of yet had not created anything I could wear. I found a pattern for a hat and picked up red and black yarn that could be molded into something wonderful. After restarting a good number of times (I lost count) I spent a few hours working in circles and finally ended up with this beauty.

Getting a picture of this beauty was a bit harder. It gave me a chance to play with the timer on my camera as well as give auto-focus a fair chance. I just won’t tell you how many photos I had to snap before I caught one worth posting on the web. So, hurry up weather and change so that I can wear this hat outside. I am even willing accept hat hair for this fashion piece!

2 Responses to “Huskers And Fall…Perfection!”
  1. Meighan says:

    Umm can we request one in an extra large to fit Averys head?! Love you!

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