Happy Birthday Newcastle

Yesterday was my youngest dog’s birthday. Newcastle turned one year old and to celebrate we joined him at the dog park on a beautiful Labor Day Monday. I have never seen the park as full as it was yesterday. We got there and both parking lots were full as well as the grass on either side of the street. There were more dogs than I have ever seen in one place happily running around, chasing balls, children and each other. We walked through the open areas of the park and down to the lake where my dogs were able to enjoy their new found love of water.

We brought a few tennis balls with us and Guinness loved chasing them out into the water. At one point, Newcastle stood on the shore waiting for Guinness to get back with the tennis ball so he could attack his brother and steal the ball without having to put in the effort of retrieving it himself. I can’t say my dogs aren’t creative. In the end they abandoned the ball in the water and left me to fetch it out of the water myself.

Their best puppy friend Buster also joined them at the park for this birthday celebration. He started off with a big burst of energy, making a straight line for the lake, but he ended up sitting out a bit of the fun to catch his breath. In between his adventures through the puppy park jungle and making new friends, Buster found that he was happy just sitting on the ledge with Meagan and Chrissy showing off his cute face to any passerby that would ooh and ahh over him and spare a hand for petting. It is no surprise that it worked every time when he would show off this cute style.

In the end all three dogs had a good time and I am sure look forward to returning to the park in the near future.

See the full photo stream at this link: Picasa Album for Newcastle’s Birthday


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